In March 2015 the African People’s Socialist Party hosted the Conferences on African Women in the U.S. and England, with the goal of consolidating the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) which would assume for itself the responsibility of bringing women into political life while attacking the myriad of deep and profound political, social and economic issues with which African women have to confront daily.

ANWO will provide a mass organization, under the leadership of the Party that will confront the oppression and exploitation of African women as part of an oppressed and colonized African nation.

In addition to the “women’s issues” that most people are familiar with – childcare, unemployment and underemployment, social immobility and poverty – ANWO has embraced a host of issues that African women are burdened with as part of an oppressed people.

One of our major issues is to overturn the impact that colonialism has had on the African family unit. In the U.S. nearly 72% of African children are born to single parents; with a majority of them being raised by single mothers.  In Britain almost half of African children are being raised by single parents.

These daunting percentages are a result of the colonial conditions that prevent African men from fully participating in the lives of their families as a result of the mass incarceration – which robs African families of husbands, brothers, and sons- extrajudicial killings carried out by the state, horizontal violence and economic welfare requirements that promote the division of the family.

The conference also dealt with the growing numbers of African women being pushed into the prison system, an issue that is only now beginning to achieve public attention.

The formulation of ANWO, signifies a consolidation of a sector of the African population into the African revolution, through organization.